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Ecrins National Park


Between the Northern Alps and the Southern Alps, the Ecrins mountains are a vast range (150 summits over 3000 m and some 10 000 hectares of glaciers), compact, abrupt and wild, and contrasting with the vast expanses of mountain pastures.

Parc National des Ecrins

The Ecrins National Park is an ideal destination for hikers, whether with family, friends or seasoned sportsmen and women.

The rich vegetation includes many varieties of flowers, and you will come across a large number of animal species that have had to adapt to the rigours of mountain life. The depths of the valleys, with their torrents and waterfalls, are full of attractions, with all the freshness they bring. Farming, and particularly shepherding, are still strongly rooted in local life: encounters with shepherds or their flocks are always possible.

Les Ecrins et Ailefroide

Ecrins Park House

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Facts and figures

Park opening: 27 March 1973

  • Incorporated areas: 179 581 ha
  • Lowest and highest altitudes: 669 m and 4 102 m.
  • Highest point: Barre des Ecrins.
  • Paths: over 700 km with 146 footbridges at the heart of the park.
  • Plants: 1 800 species, with 216 on the “red list” of rare and threatened species; 389 species are endemic to the Alps or live in artico-alpine areas.
  • Animals: 75 species of mammals, 223 birds, 16 reptiles, 10 amphibians, 21 species of fish, 43 species of dragonfly, 54 grasshoppers, 185 butterflies and 517 moths.
  • Glaciers: 7 200 ha.
  • Mountain pastures: 6 880 ha.
  • Forests: 41 422 ha.

Park Regulations

The heart of the National Park is a natural area open to all, but subject to regulations that are part of a code of good conduct.

  1. No dogs, even on a lead, for the tranquillity of wild and domestic animals
  2. Do not pick or take away plants, animals, minerals or fossils, which belong to the environment
  3. No hunting: all the animals here are protected
  4. No litter: to keep nature clean
  5. No campfires: to avoid fire and deterioration of soils
  6. No noise or disturbances: for everyone’s peace and quiet
  7. No camping: to preserve the beauty of the sites and avoid pollution
  8. No vehicles: this space is to be explored on foot: no driving outside the authorised roads
  9. No mountain bikes: the area is to be explored on foot
  10. No flying: planes are forbidden up to 1000 m from the ground

Randonnée Ecrins

The National Park has invested in digital technologies to help enhance its heritage and territory. A website – Rando Ecrins – has been set up to highlight the hiking trails on foot or by bike.

The website offers dynamic mapping, 3D navigation and GPS routes. A smartphone application is available, so that hikers can take their itinerary with them and travel in GPS mode with their phones or tablets.

Because of its special physical and biological features, a large part of the Pelvoux territory has been, since 1911, covered by measures of protection (Grand Pelvoux site), which strongly contributed to the creation of the Ecrins National Park and the natural reserve in 1973.